Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm off!

The time has finally come to depart on our trip to the sea for Becky's birthday.... after some really good nights of sleep (yay!) Bec decided to grace us with the last two nights of about 2 hours sleep each. The metdowns she shared with us over the weekend weren't pleasant.  I'd love to send the family on the trip and stay hom and sleep until Friday, but I know the trip will do me good!

This is where we are off to ... Port Fairy...and we're staying at Clonmara.  We should have some internet access where we are staying, so I hope I can pop in and out, and even share some creations I'm planning.

I'm thrilled to say that in the last week, I've managed to procure LOCALLY, the latest two issues of Magnolia Ink... I just got the autumnal wedding issue, then  on Friday, I saw the Christmas issue express freighted to us!  I'm thrilled.... I've glanced over the Wedding issue, and haven't so much as opened the Christmas one.... saving it for the trip!

November is a heck of a month for us.... SO MANY BIRTHDAYS...  our big family Christmas celebration, with lots of cooking preparation to boot.... and I have two demonstration/shows to do - a week apart - one will be will focus on Vintage, my jewellery and cards, and the other... well I'll work that out next week!

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Jay Gee said...

Have a fabulous time!

Softpencil said...

Enjoy so much your trip Pauline!!!