Friday, October 2, 2009

Sock Monkey!

Okay. So this isn't scrapbooking.  Or Cards.  Or even beads.  But isn't he cute?  I was so thrilled with him - he's my very first sock monkey.  I found a pattern for a sock monkey, and then a really long pair of striped socks (new of course) - yes, he is a monkey made from a pair of socks.  The picture doesn't show how long monkey really is.... he is long.  His tail is even longer! Actually, he's about 70cms from head to tail.  He wasn't difficult to sew, either.  Most of him is machine stitched, exceptions being the attachment of his face, ears and tail.  I'm not that sure I'm fond of 3D stitching - that is attaching pieces at a 45 degree angle - but ultimately, I think it was worth it.  I've had to make a few others, and I now have a collection of 6 pairs of socks for the next six monkeys!  It's a jungle in here! (I had to take a photo and share him, as he's off to Portland to 'live' with my nephew.)

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Only by His Grace said...

Oh Pauline! he/she is gorgeous.
You are so clever to make the little guy.
Hugs Marion

Patti.Jo said...

Now this is a cute Sock Monkey! I have to send your picture to a friend that loves Sock Monkeys! Great job Pauline!!!