Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heart Journal - Sandy Sunshine W2

When I saw the theme for this week at the Heart Journalling project at The Greeting Farm, I knew that I had to focus on my honeymoon.... we spent several weeks lazing around the beaches and delights in the pacific paradise of Samoa.

I've never been a beachgoing person, so I've no idea how I ended up in Samoa for my honeymoon. But it was paradise.  I can recall moments as if they happened yesterday, and I would love to visit again.  Although these aren't pictures I took myself, we spent a lot of time at Lalomanu Beach... I can remember sitting in a fale (the huts) just watching the beach and water... and then I could hear my husband walking the beach singing the theme song to "Gilligan's Island" .... good grief!

I made reference to Robert Louis Stevenson here, as he spent his last years living in Samoa.  We spent quite some time at his home, Vailima, and walking the gardens.  I've always love his written works, so it was humbling and special to walk where he did. Our first prayer and the grace we shared at our Wedding Breakfast were chosen from his prayers and writings....

I really detest my handwriting.  So I share these pages with a grimace.  I added a canvas texture and distress frame before printing these photos on watercolour paper.   Other than matting the pictures, all I did was take my Clear Star Stardust pen, and add glitter to the water, the tree, and the writing in the sand.   Oh, and a sentiment rub-on to the left.... if only I could write that neatly! Oh, and that brown round thing in the photo on the right, is a coconut.... they roam the beaches freely you know....

Thanks for peepin'!

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Gunvor said...

Lovely pages! And your hand writing is very nice - looks a lot like my own ;)

Hugs, Gunvor

Jenn Borjeson said...

Love it - I'm having so much fun with the Heart Journaling class, isn't it great? :)