Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Craft Space

I found a great blog with some neato craft ideas, storage, craft rooms etc.... and it has a blog candy of a great magazine that I got the taste for  (2 issues) and now can't get it. Boo hoo! Links are left in the sidebar to BEAUTIFUL CRAFT SPACES and the blog candy way down south (left sidebar)! Click here for the giveaway at BCS!

In the hope that I actually get this room - my craft space - off the ground and organised, I'm putting these details and inspirational pics on my blog, hopefully to serve as some motivation to get me off and running!

This is how my craft 'room' currently looks (not really, this is a pic off the web) ... all my stuff is in boxes.  My daily toos and stash is in a wheelie tote and carry boxes, all stored in clear containers. 

I have several mega boxes stacked in my 'craft room', and a built-in wardrobe stacked with boxes - all labelled - that desparately need organising! So....

I show here the plan of my room... (hmm... why doesn't the outer graphic frame show? The room does have walls! LOL) As you see it on the left, is how it is at the moment, except for the table (haven't been able to buy it yet, and currently in its place is my stack of boxes!). 

Never craft at my corner computer desk (as large as it is!) again!  My computer sits between my printer and guillotine cutter, but I forgot to write it in to the plan.

In the hope to motivate myself, here are some web pics I mashed together to visualise some plans...

Above the cube storage (which is only 4 feet tall) I plan to have dowel rods with reels for a wall of ribbon storage, and a hook/shadow board to hang bits will be over the die cutting table. My wardrobe hanging space will either become shelves, or clear boxes.

I love the way that the punches are dowelled to the board... easy to see, huh!  I love the idea of hanging things on hooks if they can be hooked.  I have organiser table tubs for markers, pens, and things I use all the time.  The table I am planning will seat 4 .... but I  like to spread out, so maybe I'll still be scrapping along! (LOL).  The window faces north, and the room has the sun nearly all day... it's currently pink (from the previous house owners) I don't know that I'll paint it before I organise, but it would be a great time to do it.  We'll see what pans out!

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Rochelle said...

Hi, Pauline! Just dropping by to personally thank you for joining my giveaway at BCS and for your heart-warming comments. :)

Wow, your plans are coming along nicely! Hope BCS will give you more ideas and some inspiration in carrying out with your craft room plans. And when it's done, I hope you'll share it for us at BCS to drool over! :)

Hope you win!

Rochelle -

Marie said...

Best of luck to complete you new crafting room. You don't know how much stuff you have before you start to dig into something like you have now, do you? :) I had to move my room a few months back, now what youre dealing with.
Love n hugs

Mazlina said...

Hi Pauline!! thanks for having me in your team... hey hey hey we're close to each other too!!! your room looks gorgeous... so envious!!! thanks for the blog candy shoutout too.. :))