Thursday, January 20, 2011

Warm Winter Wishes

This week Sarah has selected the theme... "Warm Winter Wishes" for the challenge at One Powerful Hour this week... so everyone was thinkin' toasty fires, creamy hot chocolate, warm blankets and fuzzy socks... the warmer aspects of winter.

So how do I think of warm winter, when I'm in the middle of a locust ridden, flooding water summer in Australia!  I chuckled first, then set to my bead box..... and this is what I came up with in my One Powerful Hour...

Our winters are fiercely cold in Australia, even in the deserts... only our few alpine areas see a real winter's snow (although we do get a little now and then on nearby mountains).
Anyway..... my bead box brought forth a plentitude of silver and red beads.... the silver I thought still likens to the cold we all have at winter.... and the reds reminded me of winter berries, and hot coals in the open fire...

Do stop by the One Powerful Hour blog to grab the challenge of the week .... always a wonderful theme, and as long as your creation is made within the hour, it's fine by us..... what will you create?  Thanks for peepin'!

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bcriminger said...

Are you giving this away or keeping it to warm yourself up? Simply Beautiful!