Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again!

A.K.A Give me land, lots of land, 'neath the starry skies above... Here is a card I stamped yesterday... images are Stampin' Up! and stamped in chalk ink. I used an aquash pen with brush markers to apply the colours, and then just double mounted the image before fixing it onto the card. The white card I used to stamp and colour has a semi matte finish... so it didn't absorb too much water and ruin the effect, but allows a little colour to dry and float on top, which doesn't really show here, but it gives a really good watercolour effect. Even if it did take some time to dry between colour layers! Perhaps traditionally 'the west' is a male theme, but obviously you wouldn't give a fella a lilac card! This is actually for a friend of my husband - she is also a John Wayne and western fan, but has recently had a stroke. I wanted to use the western theme, but also keep the card in 'girlie' colours.

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Marion said...

I love this card Pauline.
Very nice colouring