Thursday, September 12, 2013

Arnold said "I'll be back"... and now I am!

Oh dear.  How neglected has my blog been? Poor thing.... I've been AWOL for quite a time... not by choice, but necessity and a recurring illness (the details of which I will omit).  I've missed my crafting and the blogworld dreadfully over that time.

But now that I'm back and beginning to work towards some positive shades of normal, I'm going to be blogging again, sharing my creations, and basically pestering my followers (if you're still here, that is!).

And friends, thank you for your are dear to me!

Thanks for peepin'!

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Jenée said...

So glad you are back and I sincerely hope the medical issues are over (or well on the road to be over). You've been in my daily prayers for some time, and I am thankful to see that they've been answered.

Lyn Wallan-Smith said...

Glad you can get back to your crafting cannot wait to see what you create

Jennifer said...

Polly, I'm so glad to see you back and smiling!
One day at a time Lord Jesus, that's all I'm asking of you, please show me the way to live every day, one day at a time!
I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations again!

Shirley-Anne Barber said...

Hi Pauline Cyber hugs sent your way .Great to "see you "in blog land again .
cheers Shirley-Anne