Friday, February 17, 2012

Still Looney, in absentia, but home...

Wow... finally back home.... what a trip.... Thankfully Becky is recovering well ....she's such a trooper! I'm a wimp, and don't know how she does it!  She had a lot of extractions, but she looks great, now that the swelling is down.  She has a healthy food and drink appetite, and thankfully only wants soft food.... her food sensory issues are working FOR her... YAY!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes for Bec's surgery, and for Dad's treatment.... he has to travel to Sydney next week for a new procedure, hopefully a successful one! SO it's non-stop excitement in every corner of our world.  If only I could find that our unchecked jackpot lotto ticket is a winner! Wouldn't that be super!

I'm almost up to date with emails, and I am so looking forward to getting to crafting again.... it has only been a week without, but it feels like forever!

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Trish and Treasure said...

Hi Pauline,
Best wishes to Becky for a speedy recovery, she is such a brave girl for such a big operation! Send my love to your Dad AKA The Green Lantern, and I just love his sence of humour!
Lots of Hugs
Trish xxx