Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Yahoo email was compromised!

Hi... if anyone has received an email from my yahoo address requesting money because I'm stuck in London, England, it is a hoax, and not from me at all!  My email account was hacked into, and apparently this ridiculous message was sent to everyone in my email address book.

Those that know me will know the way I sign my emails to them, and should recognise it is not from me. There are also words in it that I do not use e.g. CELL PHONE - here in Australia, we call them MOBILE PHONES. 

The biggie is that anyone would know that I would be excitedly shouting out from the rooftops about going to London BEFORE I left home... and would never take a trip that big without telling someone!  And of course there's the thingie about needing the money to actually GET TO LONDON, not to come home from London...

I apologise to anyone who has been affected by this.  Unfortunately there is little we can do to stop DISHONEST and NASTY people from trying to take advantage of others. I hope the steps that I have taken have now stopped this email from my account.

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Anne-Marie said...

Pauline...I did get one, but thought exactly what you just said....and I'm sure I would have heard you if you were down in London...ha!