Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Appreciated Follower Award

This award is a bit special.... it came from Anne-Marie (who has an awesome blog, and I love her banter - it's just like a telephone call, or a chat over a cuppa!) called the Appreciated Follower Award... we all love to receive blog comments.  I find it heartwarming to find a comment from someone who passed by... it's nice to know that people DO visit my wee bloggie!  Comments are encouraging, give a smile, and they make this blog guff all worthwhile... 

This award was created for Followers who really are Followers ....the ones who take the the time to visit our blogs, who leave a comments for us.  Heaven knows I would love to have hours to devote to visiting blogs, and commenting, but it doesn't happen... the short time I do get to 'compute' isn't enough to visit my 'wanna see' blogs on a daily basis, no matter how much I'd love to!  I love visiting my followers' blogs.... it's  nice to see what everyone is doing.
Anyhoo... if your happy smiley face is over yonder on my right sidebar, I'd love you to copy and save this sweet award to your own blog....and pass it on to those who follow you, and who give you encouragement and inspiration!

And please return back here and let me know that you've accepted my award for you.... I'd love to know who has shared it with me, and is going to share it with others... I promise that I will visit everyone who accepts this award!!!

Thank you for following me... my blog... and if we all visit, and comment, it won't fee like we're all taking to ourselves!

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Anne-Marie said...

Glad you like it Pauline...well-deserved if I may say so....ha!