Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Inspires You?

I'm hosting the challenge at One Powerful Hour this week, and I stepped out of my comfort zone for the theme!  I chose "Favourite Quote Inspiration" as the theme.... to create something that was inspired by a favourite quote, or indeed any quote.... the quote that I used happened across my table in a book of historical art....

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. ~Michelangelo

I thought this quote was quite poignant, at I had just been discussing special need achievements and milestones... and I thought about how much work we as carers put in to looking after children, to help them achieve what most will achieve 'when they are ready' or 'at a certain age; or 'as normal'.  That's how it feels sometimes... working and repeating the same task motions until one day it happens.  That epiphany, achievement, goal reached.  And when you work so hard for something that so many take for granted, that is exactly how it feels..... that you carve away until it is set free.... when such a small task to others is huge to someone and they can now do it, being able to actually do it IS FREEDOM!

Anyway..... I decided to use a sepia printed photo of an angel that I found on one of my cemetary/park walks (this one was taken in Canada, about 17 years ago).

I fussed with the edges of the photo before it was printed.  I mounted it on a gold-ish textured card, and gave it a border of full pleated cream lace. It was such a soft lace, it was a real pain to pleat! But worth the effort.

 I created a middle mount of cream and kraft, and secured it with mini brads.  With a matching cream cardbase, the middle and top layers were fixed together and the card complete!
I hope you'll have the time this week to take some inspiration from a quote, and create something.  Link it back to us at One Poweful Hour.... we'd love to see.... our only rules are that your project follows the set theme, and takes under an hour to create!  And I know this can be a trip for me, as I tend to langour over so many of my creations, when I really don't need to!  Come on over and join us at One Poweful Hour!

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