Friday, October 23, 2009

Pretty in Pink

This card is for a swap I'm about to send off.. a Disney princess ... by my reckoning, I thought she was Cinderella - duh .... Thank you Tanisha for advising me it was Sleeping Beauty! I forgot all about Sleeping Beauty!  She is a semi-transparent sticker - I've not seen many like it.  So to preserve her opaqueness, I left the sticker white back attached, in the arm and from the waist up - otherwise you'd see the card behind.  Ick.  From the waist down, I have attached pieces of rainbow coloured lace (the lace reverse is showing through). Leaving some lace poking at the bottom of gown, I've added some glitter, and to create a crown, I've added a wee piece of a transparent glitter border sticker, which seemed the right shape for a tiara.

The pattern on the pink mount is pin pricked, and I've stitched in beads around her. 

I adhered her down flat, except for the bottom of the gown, so it does have some depth.... the scan doesn't show it though.

Happy days everyone!

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almondeyez2000 said...

Pauline, this card is adorable, she is Sleeping Beauty though, but that's okay, after awhile they do start to look alike, lol. I love the stiching holes you made, very cute, it gives it a fantasy feel I think.